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Publish posts and earn real money


How does it work?

What can I exchange it for?
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Wait until a moderator approves and posts your post.

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Click the «GolemTrade» checkbox and post

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Get 2 diamonds. A diamond is equal to $1.

/ Step 3
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Withdrawal is available only in cash equivalent to electronic wallets and bank cards

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Bank cards
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How do I get paid for my posts?

Waiting for a moderator to check and publish your post

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Our goal is for users to be interested in the content on our site, content doesn't have to be created from scratch. But if you create your own interesting content, we'll reward you with a bonus.

We need to offer a post to the community

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How to write posts competently?
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You need a headline that describes what your post is about

The description of the post is very important, it should be brief but detailed. If your topic requires a detailed description of how things work, you need to write it and attach clear pictures. Also, if your resource needs download, you need to attach a file to your post.

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It is very important to publish posts with a photo or video material


Start earning right now!

+50 diamonds